Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Taking chances

Lately I have been thinking a lot about what it means to change, I think the idea of it is great but to actually do things to create change is harder. I've always been a little resistant to change, purely because even if I don't like the present I understand whats happening and am used to it. However recently I have been thinking about change and taking chances. 

(This is a picture a friend sent me when I was feeling down,
not sure where he got it from though but it helped.) 

Sometimes when certain things happen in your life it can make you think about where you are going and where you actually want to go. So last night I bucked up the courage and went to audition for a play, i've always been interested in acting for a bit of fun. I noticed last week an advertisement for auditions on this play and thought why not? I mean it's about time I put myself out there again. 
Preparing for it yesterday the thing I found most terrifying was the thought of entering a place where I know nobody and putting myself out there during my audition. One thing that doesn't guarantee you change is not taking chances and sometimes that means putting yourself out of your comfort zone. Which in this case really was outside of what I usually feel comfortable with doing. When I finally arrived I was nearly shaking and got lost looking for the building, luckily with the help of some strangers I was able to find my way there. The process was pretty daunting and after receiving the scripts we were told we could watch others audition whilst we wait for our turn. It was great to see other people giving it a go and I could tell they were as nervous as I was. While there I happened to meet a really nice girl and make a friend whilst waiting which made the process a whole lot easier, to be able to talk with someone and know I am not alone. 
I was second last to audition for the role I was going for, the majority of people there were also going for this role. Once they were complete we could find out who was successful. Unfortunately myself nor the nice girl I met while there were successful in getting a role in the play. But this entry isn't about success, it's about taking a chance and seeing what happens when you leave your comfort zone. There are so many things I feel I can't do and maybe its because I don't want to put myself out there but this experience I pushed myself and did it. To be honest I was really happy and proud with myself. 

If you've taken the time to read this I hope it's inspired you to take a chance and do something you wouldn't normally just to prove to yourself that you can do it. 
Thanks for reading and I'd love to hear any stories of your own experiences on taking chances and how they went so feel free to comment below :) 

(I've added a video of Boston by Augustana, this song always inspires me) 

Monday, 27 January 2014

A product review: Schwazkopf Marrakesh Oil & Coconut Express Mousse Treatment

I've been using this product for about 3 months now, because I bleach my hair (not a natural blonde unfortunately) I am always searching for anything to repair my hair. This product comes with matching shampoo & conditioner in this range, which I didn't purchase as I am pretty happy with the ones i'm currently using. Basically this product is meant to repair your hair as well as keep it shiny and smooth. The bottle recommends to use 3-6 pumps onto your hair so I opted to use 4 as my hair isn't too long. The mouse itself doesn't have a particularly pleasant scent but it doesn't linger for long anyway so it's not a huge issue. I personally do prefer products with nice scents as I love hair that smells good but it's not a must just an added bonus. The texture is fairly thick and gloopy so when applying it to my hair it took a while to be absorbed. This makes the process take longer as you can't apply all the pumps at once. Another thing I wasn't particularly keen on was the texture left my hair stringy until it had dried. 

This is a picture I took of my bottle of the schwarzkopf mousse

I used this product for about 3 months every second wash, it doesn't actually specify the length of time till you should expect results. However I felt like this would be a reasonable amount of time to expect results to appear, overall I didn't feel this product did anything to improve/change the condition of my hair so I wouldn't recommend it. 

Thanks for reading! 
I'd love to hear your own thoughts on this product or what you use in your hair care routine so feel free to comment below :) 

Sunday, 26 January 2014


I have been wondering for a while now what blogpost to begin with, it's something i've been wanting to do for a while. Even though it's only a simple blog for a bit of fun I have been finding myself nervous about exactly how I wanted to open my blog. To me people who do blogs are opening themselves up even if no one ends up reading it. It's something being posted online for the world to have a look at if they choose, so there's a degree of vulnerability to a post. 
The first thing I thought I would blog about was to do with a little insight into who I am, starting with why I refer to myself as Heels. 

 A picture of my shoe I took on my break at work when I was bored :)  

Basically a few years ago now my interest in shoes which used to be pretty much non existent began to grow. In the past I considered them basically something that goes on your feet and thats pretty much it but around 3 years ago I went through some changes in myself. This inspired me to look more into about what I wear and how I look, as an outlet to express myself.  Since that day I have only worn heels, aside from slippers I love slippers! But I don't know why anyone wouldn't they are so cute (Side note I used to own more slippers then shoes sad I know!). I haven't counted exactly how many I own but I find heels revived my excitement in shoes. There's so much variety available and they are all so pretty. 
In general I am a nervous person and heels gave me this feeling of strength and that has made me a little less nervous. Fashion is one of my inspirations in this blog because of the confidence it can give people, a good outfit can make a person feel a million dollars. So for someone with confidence issues it's an outlet for a person to express themselves and show a complete stranger a little bit about who they are. 
At this point in my life I had also started a new job and somehow landed with the nickname heels which for me just stuck. It made sense to introduce myself here under that alias as a way to give a little insight into who I am. 

Thanks for reading, 
I'd love to know your thoughts on heels and what your nickname is and why. 
Feel free to comment! :)