Sunday, 26 January 2014


I have been wondering for a while now what blogpost to begin with, it's something i've been wanting to do for a while. Even though it's only a simple blog for a bit of fun I have been finding myself nervous about exactly how I wanted to open my blog. To me people who do blogs are opening themselves up even if no one ends up reading it. It's something being posted online for the world to have a look at if they choose, so there's a degree of vulnerability to a post. 
The first thing I thought I would blog about was to do with a little insight into who I am, starting with why I refer to myself as Heels. 

 A picture of my shoe I took on my break at work when I was bored :)  

Basically a few years ago now my interest in shoes which used to be pretty much non existent began to grow. In the past I considered them basically something that goes on your feet and thats pretty much it but around 3 years ago I went through some changes in myself. This inspired me to look more into about what I wear and how I look, as an outlet to express myself.  Since that day I have only worn heels, aside from slippers I love slippers! But I don't know why anyone wouldn't they are so cute (Side note I used to own more slippers then shoes sad I know!). I haven't counted exactly how many I own but I find heels revived my excitement in shoes. There's so much variety available and they are all so pretty. 
In general I am a nervous person and heels gave me this feeling of strength and that has made me a little less nervous. Fashion is one of my inspirations in this blog because of the confidence it can give people, a good outfit can make a person feel a million dollars. So for someone with confidence issues it's an outlet for a person to express themselves and show a complete stranger a little bit about who they are. 
At this point in my life I had also started a new job and somehow landed with the nickname heels which for me just stuck. It made sense to introduce myself here under that alias as a way to give a little insight into who I am. 

Thanks for reading, 
I'd love to know your thoughts on heels and what your nickname is and why. 
Feel free to comment! :) 

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  1. When you look a million dollars you feel a million dollars :)
    You have inspired me to get on with my life and look to all the positives I have in my life.
    Thanks Heelssssss