Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Stilla Valentines Bronze Palette

I've been using this bronzer for the past few weeks and absolutely adore it, honestly the first thing that made me look at it was the cute packaging. I love the idea of valentines day and it was so cute that I couldn't walk past it. At the time it was pay day and I was on a little shopping splurge, it just so happened I was on the look out for a new bronzer.

How gorgeous is the little heart! :) <3 

 I found this product works great as a bronzer but also as an eye shadow. It has a few different colours on the palette to create more of a subtle look when used as an eye shadow. I am not a huge user of eye shadows but I have been experimenting a bit more in my make  up routine to shake things up a little.
The shades are similar in tone but for me it's just nice to have something to add a bit of colour as for my I am rather pale. 

My eyes using the Stilla bronzer as an eye shadow 

I've added a little picture of my eyes using it as an eye shadow, I also did apply a little bit of eye liner as well just to add some definition. The picture below shows how the bronzer really just add's a bit of colour rather then a normal blush which can sometimes look a little overdone. This was only $22 and I've been using it pretty frequently so it is definitely worth it! I am not sure if this was only a limited time only thing, as I got it from Mecca Maxima just before valentines day. I have never used anything in the Stilla range before and this will definitely have me trying other stuff in the near future A.K.A next pay day. 

Myself with the Stilla bronzer on :) 

I think this picture shows how well this blends in and doesn't stand out too much, I am a pretty heavy user with eyeliner so I do like the rest of my make up to look subtle. I would love to know what your thoughts are on this product or any recommendations on other Stilla products so feel free to comment below! :) 

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