Thursday, 27 February 2014

What's on my iPod

I think music plays a huge factor in everyone's lives, it's a way of self expression and brings people together in various different ways. I have recently been a bit of a concert junkie so I thought this was a good time to write a blog revealing a bit more about myself by telling you about the music I enjoy. 
So onto what's on my iPod, well I have 4,898 songs so I am not going to go into each one, but I thought the top 10 most played would be a great place to start.

Number 10: Goodbye Horses by Q Lazzarus

I haven't listened to this one in some time but it used to be a huge favourite of mine, I first heard it on the Silence of the lambs soundtrack and it really stuck. I have a bit of an eclectic taste in music and enjoy the beat of this particular song. 

Number 9: We Own The Sky by M83 

At my work we have a set track list that plays in the background which we don't choose but repeats each song roughly once a day. It took me about 4 months to work out which song this was, I couldn't shazam it because there aren't too many lyrics in this one and the place I work is pretty loud. This also made it difficult to write down lyrics and google the song, needless to say when I finally tracked down which song this was I was pretty happy. I already listened to M83 but this was on there 2008 album which I hadn't listened to much at the time. This song has a real dreamy quality to it and I also love the video for it, it's a bit of a light alternative song. 

Number 8: Cold Wind Blows by Eminem

Eminem recently came to Australia (one of the concerts I went to as mentioned earlier) and I was pretty sad that this gem wasn't included on his set list but it was part of his recovery album and was never released as a single so I didn't expect it to be included. I do love a bit of rap and enjoy most of Eminem's music, this song I first heard as ringtone. I was on a date with this guy and I loved it but felt too awkward just asking him what song it was so I went through all of Eminem's songs till I finally found out which track it was. I felt so happy i had it on repeat for several weeks and it is my favourite track by him. 

Number 7: Stay by Rihanna

I really like Rihanna's music, admittedly not a huge fan of her Apologetic album but this song was a favourite of mine. I love slower songs and the lyrics are so relatable, I had it on repeat for a long time and is one of my favourite tracks.

Number 6: Dear You by Man Overboard

As far as I knew Man Overboard was a song by Blink 182, but I was introduced to this band by an old friend of mine. This track really related to a situation I had with that particular person and reminded me of them, so I don't really listen it to it too much these days but I love the lyrics and have a soft spot for acoustic songs. On a side note this is a pretty awesome song to sing along to in your car if thats your thing! 

Number 5: Ribs by Lorde

A friend recently purchased Lorde's EP and played this track in her car, I fell in love instantly with this song. One great thing about her album is each song sounds so unique that you don't get bored or feel the need to skip a song. 

Number 4: Raindrops by Basement Jaxx

I had heard a few songs from this band but heard this song in a friends car and immediately shazzam'd it so I wouldn't forget to get it. This song has a slight techno sound but not the heavy stuff you would hear in a night club, I highly recommend it! 

Number 3: Fineshrine by Purity Ring

I actually don't remember how I came across this song but the best way I can explain it would be an alternative pop song. It's one of those songs that relaxes me but also kind of makes me think, it doesn't have too many lyrics and I love instrumental songs. 

Number 2: Games by Claire 

I heard this song in a department store and did the classic write lyrics down and google search. This song reminds me of the beach, I don't actually have any reason why but that it just has a real relaxed feel to it. 

Number 1: Over My Dead Body by Drake

Drake is one of my favourite artist's and if he ever did make a tour to Australia I would be first to purchase a ticket. This is my favourite song by Drake, it is from his Take Care album and is definitely worth a listen. It is rap but also has a real grunge feel to it, there is also a female singer in the song who has a beautiful voice, the different vocal styles really work well together.

Well guys this raps up (Get it?! hah!) my taste in music, surprisingly some of favourite bands didn't make it on my most played list but I listened to them more in the days of CD'S. I would love to know what kind of music you would recommend for me to add to my playlist, so do feel free to comment below :) 

Take care <3 

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