Friday, 25 April 2014

A Product Review: TGA Professional Frizz-Out Leave In Smoother

I was recently at a hair discount shop buying new shampoo when I thought it was time to try another product that you can apply to dry hair which claims to repair it. I have tried a few with varying results but nothing too impressive that I would buy again. 
The gentleman behind the counter recommended this to me, he used to be a hair dresser himself and said this was good and could also be used as anti frizz. I find my hair is only frizzy the day after washing it so i've never really looked for anti frizz items. 

This product was $18.95 for a 150ml tube which claims it seals, moisturises, repairs and protects your hair. I don't do much research when buying a new product I tend to just buy it and see what I think then read what other people thought as well once i'v'e made my mind up. This brand is interesting because I had never heard of it when I bought it and can't find anything on it. I looked it up and couldn't see anything about the brand or other products they sell. Which was disappointing because i've been adoring this leave in smoother so much I would buy it again and it's the main product i've been using. 

It is so worth the cost and you only need a tiny amount which you can rub into your hands then run them through your hair. It says you can apply it to dry or towel dried hair. I already have a few things I use in wet hair so i've only applied it to my hair when it's dry. I use it twice a day, once at night and once during the day. I am so happy with the results as my hair feels really soft and looks a lot healthy. Also after a wash and dry this gets rid of frizz straight away which is an awesome bonus. If I am straightening my hair I use this before straightening as it protects your hair from the damages of heat styling as well. I also apply before bed just to keep my hair fresh and look after it for all the hell I put it through.
Overall this product is amazing and i've been loving it! I would love to know your thoughts or if you know more about this mysterious brand as i'd love to see what else they have to offer. 
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  1. Sounds good, anything that combats frizz will always get my attention!

  2. Hey Zoey I nominated you for a Liebster blog award, the details are on my page :)