Tuesday, 8 April 2014

The Body Shop: Aloe Calming Facial Cleanser & Facial Brush

Recently I had been experiencing some break outs and my skin care routine wasn't the best, as I sometimes find it hard of a night to remove my make up and apply a cleanser and didn't put much thought into the cleanser which I was using either. It has always kind of been yep this one is cheap so i'll pick it, I am a huge fan of the Avon facial range however having to order it can be a hassle so I don't often purchase it as much as i'd like. So with this in mind I thought it was about time I actually pick a new cleanser and put some thought into it rather then pick anything. Looking at my previous posts you can pick up on the fact I do enjoy The Body Shop and what products they have available so I decided to check out their skin care range. 

I did find it a little daunting as they have a lot of different skin care products and types (vitamin E, tea tree oil ect.) I had not done much research prior to going in and was in a mood where I was desperate and wanted something right away. Luckily for myself the lady working there was really helpful and nice so I was able to talk to someone about my skin and what would work for me. 

I have sensitive skin so she recommended I give the aloe calming facial cleanser a go as this is good for sensitive skin. It is $20.95 for a 200ml bottle which so far I have been applying once during the day and once at night. I wasn't sure whether to get the facial wash or cleanser so she let me try out both on my hand as weird as that sounds it was actually really helpful. I felt both were good but the cleanser was more creamy based which I felt moisturised my skin more and my skin can be dry sometimes so it seemed to be a good choice for me. 

When applying to my hand she used their facial brush which she also recommended to use when applying the cleanser. It is $4.95 and it's main purpose is to exfoliate to when applying the cleanser to improve the tone and texture of your skin. I have been loving both products at the moment and my break outs ceased within a day or two which I was really happy about. I am really keen to try out there other products in the Aloe skin care range to see how they fair. 
When applying this I like to apply the cleanser on my face then hot water on the brush and exfoliate it off using the brush I have found this has felt the most effective for me. I have been loving these products and would highly recommend them although I think with anything skin care related it's always good to get the opinions of the sales staff to see what they would recommend based on your own skin. 

Thanks for reading and would love to hear your thoughts so feel free to comment below! :)

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