Tuesday, 20 May 2014

24 Questions Tag

Hey guys! 
Came across a 24 questions tag and thought seeing as i've been doing a lot of beauty reviews i'd add this to the mix! Just so you can get to know me a little better but feel free to read and post your own one on your blog! =] 

A picture of me last christmas! :) 

1. What is your middle name?: Alyce
2. What is your favorite drink?: Coke for sure
3. What is your favorite song at the moment?: Signs by Bloc Party
4. What is your favorite food?: Don't really have a favourite, more of a beverage lover but I do enjoy salad a lot, as boring as that appears haha.
5. What is the last thing you bought?: Groceries
6. Favorite book of all time?: I don't really read often, there was a book called Saving Jessie I loved however I can't remember the authors name
7. Favorite Color?: Red
8. Do you have any pets?: Yes, a beautiful bird named Bubbles.
9. Favorite Perfume?: LAMB by Gwen Stefani, I still count it even though it's been discontinued.
10. Favorite Holiday?: Birthdays! If they count
11. Are you married?: Nope, tad young for that! haha
12. Have you ever been out of the country, if so how many times?: Never left the country before
13. Do you speak any other language?: Only English
14. How many siblings do you have?: I have one brother and one sister
15. What is your favorite store?: I don't particularly have a shop I go to a lot. I love online shopping so I will say Pure Fiji or BooHoo is also a good choice.
16. Favorite restaurant?: Outback Steakhouse for sure!
17. When was the last time you cried?: About two weeks ago from memory
18. Favorite Blog?: None in particular
19. Favorite Movie?: The Wedding Singer, everything about that movie is perfect. However i'm loving Pineapple Express at the moment
20. Favorite TV show?: Coronation Street, every time!
21. PC or Mac?: I'm going to say Mac
22. What phone do you have?: iPhone 5 baby!
23. How tall are you?: 5’4” last I checked, but who knows! I wear heels all the time so it changes regularly haha.
24. Can you cook?: Soups and Salads yes if you can call that cooking. 

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