Saturday, 17 May 2014

Revlon Parfumerie Scented Nail Enamel Review

When I first came across a post which had a picture of scented nail polish I was pretty excited to think this would come to Australia soon. It kind of seems like an idea which is along time coming and kind've made me wonder how someone hadn't thought of it before but I wasn't sure how long it would take for these scented polishes to appear on the shelves. 
They finally appeared a few months ago and needless to say I was pretty excited to give them a go and see how long the scent would last if you could smell it at all. The bottles I got cost $15.95 each, I found the scents I liked came in colours I didn't like so it took me a while to make a choice. I ended up choosing black which was expresso scented and a creamy white colour which was scented fresh linen. Not my first preference in scents but they were the only scents I didn't mind in the colour I liked. One difficulty when deciding which on you want is that the smell doesn't come into effect until after the polish has dried so you don't really know how accurate the smell will be until giving it a go. Thus this review to tell you how I found it. 

(Left: Expresso, Right: Fresh Linen) 

As far as basic nail polishes go these are easy to apply and don't streak which is a pet hate of mine when using nail polish so there are some plus points there. With the scents I chose I found after the polish had dried that the scents were pretty accurate to what they claim to be. However the scent doesn't linger very long, roughly a few hours after application, which to me kind of makes the price not worth it. As I didn't find the colours very attractive the only real reason I would chose to spend that much on these polishes would purely be because of the smell more than anything else. The polish didn't start till chip until 2 days after wearing it which in my experience is pretty average. I wouldn't be buying these polishes again mainly because they are pretty average considering the expensive price tag but also because the smell only stays for a few hours which doesn't seem worth buying in my opinion. 

If you've tried these out i'd love to know what scent you chose and how it faired with you so feel free to  comment thoughts below! =] 

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