Thursday, 15 May 2014

Essie Nail Polish: Rock the boat

Before embarking on the gel polish i've recently been using which you can check out here, I had been looking at a few different nail polish brands to try and compare to see which ones actually last without chipping straight away. But also how well they coat your nails without giving a streaky effect, through the web I had heard a few things about Essie all good so thought it was time to try it out. The nail polish I purchased was their colour "Rock the Boat" which is basically just a pale bluish purple colour would be the best way I could describe it. I purchased it for $16 so it doesn't come cheap and theres an expectation that it should be better then your generic $3 bottle but I think similar to OPI you're paying for the brand more than anything. 

I really liked the colour and this polish didn't streak which I find is common among a lot of the nail polishes you can buy these days. In terms of chipping I went 3 days chip free which is pretty average for a nail polish so I didn't find it faired much better than a much cheaper bottle. Overall I did like the nail polish but comparing it's price it doesn't seem worth it to me, as the Sally Hansen gel polishes are only 3 dollars more and last a lot longer. It is a nice polish if you have some extra cash and they offer a better colour selection then most brands but I wouldn't be purchasing this one again anytime soon. 
If you know any cool nail polish brands or have tried this one i'd love to hear what you think so feel free to comment below. 
Take care <3 

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