Wednesday, 14 May 2014

The Body Shop: Banana Shampoo & Conditioner Review

As some of you may be aware I like the body shop, especially the smell when you enter the store, so buying things from there is always exciting to see if they not only smell great but also do whatever said product is supposed to do. About a month or so ago I purhcased their Banana Shampoo & Conditioner, you can get a 250ml bottle for $17.95 each. Needless to stay this product isn't particulary cheap espeically as it is a fairly small sized bottle. But sometimes paying that little bit extra can be worth it but you'll never really know how well it works without taking that chance or reading some reviews to see what the majority of people think so here is my thoughts. 

Both products promise fairly similar impacts on your hair, the shampoo claims to: 
- Gently Cleanse 
- Leave hair shiny

The Conditioner claims to: 
- Condition
- Leave hair soft/tangle free
- Nourish and protect hair

As far as both products go I found my results to be pretty similar to any supermarket bought shampoo & conditioner. The shampoo, which from what I can tell is no longer available online at least works like any regular shampoo. After a month of using I didn't notice my hair looking any shinier then normal, the best thing about this shampoo is it's really nice scent. 
The conditioner I found very much the same as any regular conditioner with a particularly nice scent but no results different to any other regular brand. 

I wouldn't be purchasing either product again, apart from the nice smell which doesn't linger I wasn't particularly impressed. Sometimes hair products can have varying results depending on your hair so it's worth a try however they are fairly expensive so if you're looking for value for money i'd give this one a miss. 
If you've tried it feel free to comment below because i'd love to hear what your thoughts on these were. 

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