Friday, 16 May 2014

Bed Head Ego Boost - Split End Mender & Leave In Conditioner

The idea behind this product is pretty much within the title, a serum which can be used to mend split ends and repair damaged hair. The advertisement of the product and website don't actually explain how this works so it's something that once you try you can see if there is a difference. I am pretty sceptical that aside from cutting it out I don't really see a way that split ends can be mended, however thats not too say if something claims this can be done that I wont at least try it to see what happens. I got the 200ml bottle for just over $20 so this doesn't come cheap but as TIGI is a well known reliable brand it is to be expected that it will cost a little extra. 

I had been using it for a month or so and at this point have discontinued using in favour of other products i've purchased and tried out. I still have it however haven't really felt a need to include it in my hair care routine. This product can be used in dry or wet hair so I opted to try both and see what results I got to see what worked best. As far as my experience goes I couldn't say either way would make a difference as I didn't notice any changes in my hair. It is safe to say that my split ends remained which didn't really surprise me but also my hair didn't feel better conditioned or smooth as the product claims. This would be an anti frizz serum at best however even then I barely saw any changes in my hairs health which is why I stopped using it. When I stopped my hair felt exactly the same while using it leading me to believe this didn't do anything to benefit my hair. 

This isn't to say that it will be the same for everyone and one thing I love about the Bed Head products is they look gorgeous and are packaged so well. Which makes it all the more a shame that I was so unimpressed with this product so I wouldn't be purchasing it again. 
I'd love to hear what anyones favourite product in the Bed Head range is too see what else might be worth trying so feel free to comment below! :) 

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