Wednesday, 19 March 2014

L'Oréal Paris: Elive Total Repair Conditioning Restoring Spray

As i've mentioned in blog posts before I am attempting to take better care of it and look after it particularly due to myself not being a natural born. As we all know bleach can be very damaging but unfortunately my natural colour doesn't suit me terribly well. So I have been on the hunt for different styles of repairing treatments for hair, most i've come across have been conditioning masks which need to be rinsed out. They are great however in between washes I wanted to still maintain restoring the condition of my hair as well. 

I am a bit of a night owl and luckily the shops near me are open pretty late, so one night bored I went looking to see what was available. To be fair in my experience shops that specialise in selling hair products tend to sell more higher quality products but I never discount the products available at the local supermarket. I love L'oréal and think it is a reliable brand, the first thing that took my notice was the fact it was a spray that could be applied on wet hair after washes but also dry hair in between washes. 

It cost me $6 for a 200ML bottle which goes a long way so it is pretty decent value for money for what you get. The key ingredients in this bottle designed to repair the hair are pro-keratin and ceramide, these are meant to repair the hair cells and re enforce the strength of the follicle. Therefore repairing any damage that can occur to your hair on a daily basis, its a spray and doesn't really specify the quantity you are meant to apply. After using it you begin to get an idea for what works best with your hair, I recommend starting small as you can always apply more if you didn't put enough in. I spray once on each side/layer of my hair to get full coverage after I have straighten it or in the case of it being wet before I blow dry it. It is a light weight spray which is great because it doesn't weigh your hair down like some of the conditioning products out there. They also do sell a hair mask conditioning treatment in this range which I have yet to try. 

It smells really nice which is always a plus and I think it does repair some damage however I still would recommend using a conditioning mask when washing your hair for best results. As the leave in spray can only repair so much damage and if it is split ends I always cut them off. 
Would love to hear your thoughts on this product or if you know any other leave in conditioning treatments available that I could try! :) 

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