Sunday, 16 March 2014

QV Skincare: Body wash & lotion

I have pretty sensitive skin and as much as I love the scented body washes available sometimes I need to give my skin a break from the fragrances. I love soft skin, I mean who doesn't really? but anyways, I am always on the look out for any body washes which are meant to help with sensitive skin. This was recommended to me by a chemist so I thought I would start by giving their body wash and lotion a try and see how I went. 

With their body wash you can get the standard one which I have purchased or the gentle wash, the main difference between them is the gentle wash has a higher concentration of moisturiser so it is more designed for dry skin. My skin isn't particularly dry so I felt the standard wash was a better choice for my skin, this one is doesn't have a fragrance, colour, lanolin and propylene glycol. This means it wont irritate the skin as these main ingredients aren't particularly good for your skin. The body wash is clear and liquid so it isn't as thick as a normal body wash, however it lathers really well and a little goes a long way. I love this product mainly because it does make your skin feel soft and it's also decent to use to shave with. 

Left: Body wash, Right: Body lotion

The body lotion doesn't include a fragrance, colour, lanolin and propylene glycol like the wash so it is made of a very low irritant ingredients. All information about both products is all included in the QV Skincare website if you need further information on the ingredients. The skin lotion is designed to protect and moisturise your skin which I feel based on my use it does. I add a little extra then needed and let my skin absorb it as this can also help soften your skin and give yourself a little pampering treatment. 

Both QV products are really great and give your skin a bit of a break from other more indulgent smell based products. I would definitely recommend as they come at a decent price the body was was $16 for a 1.25 Litre container and the lotion is $8 for a 250ML bottle. 
Have you tried any of the products in the QV skincare range? If so what is your favourite? 

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