Monday, 10 March 2014

Redken All Soft Heavy Cream

Hey all, 

So I recently got my hair done and by that I mean my regrowth, I find it's the time my hair looks the best but because I bleach it I always feel bad about the damage it does to my hair. I've been making a conscious effort to condition my hair and been trying a few different treatments to see what results I get. 

Here is a picture of the lovely product :) 

I have only used Redken products once or twice before but it's a reliable brand so I thought why not give this treatment a go. It can be difficult to actually choose a treatment because there are so many different options available but this one looked like it would do the trick. Out of the various hair treatment products I have been trying I was most impressed with this ones results. There is also a shampoo and conditioner in the all soft range which I haven't tried yet but after using this I would be pretty keen to give it a go. This one comes in a 250ML tub, on the tub it recommends you leave in for 5-15 minutes. With these kinds of products I like to use them for the maximum amount of time it suggests, it can be boring waiting to wash it out but I found the results of this one were noticeable and instant. I have used it in the past three washes and my hair is much softer and less dry which is what this product promises to achieve. I highly recommend to give this one a go if you have dry hair and especially if you, like myself bleach your hair. 

I think it's important to change what conditioning treatments you use in your hair so you can compare and also stop your hair from getting used to the treatment. I would love to hear what hair conditioning treatments you use on your hair and what you thought of this product if you have used it.
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