Saturday, 15 March 2014

Soap & Glory: Glad Hair Day Shampoo

I was on a little shopping spree a few weeks ago and noticed this goodie lurking around. I had actually only bought one product from this brand before which was a cute shower cap, something I didn't really need but couldn't resist. I love the packaging and the way their products look so I was pretty keen to try another and noticed this. I purchased it from Mecca Maxima for $12.95 which in my experience is a pretty decent price for a 250ML bottle.

It's made up of raspberry fruit vinegar, panthenol, glycerin and phytantriol which is meant to repair, smooth and strengthen your hair after application. There is no specific hair types which work best with this shampoo so pretty much anybody can use it, which is always a good thing. I like to leave this one in for a few minutes as once it's lathered up it activates the key ingredients which are designed to help your hair. 

I did notice it had a lovely fragrance basically just a fruity scent which lingers for a little while. I had someone actually comment on the scent of my hair which is a first for me as I look at more repair based hair products then ones with a nice scent although it does help if it has a good smell too. My hair felt smoother when I rinsed it out almost like when you put conditioner in it however in a repair sense I don't think this product does too much as I didn't feel a massive difference after using it a few times. It definitely does help to smooth hair as I didn't need to straighten mine as much and it maintained a smooth straight look. As for strengthening your hair I am not really sure how to tell wether that was effective, my hair generally felt the same though so I don't think it really delivered in that respect.

Overall I do like this shampoo and am still currently using it, the bottle really does last a long way so it is pretty good value for money. However I would be interested to see what other shampoo's are available, although I am also still happy to see what else Soap & Glory has to offer. 

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  1. I absolutely LOVE Soap & Glory, might have to check this out! Their Hand Food is incredible!