Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Signature Scents

It is funny how something so simple can sometimes have a defining impact on how we see someone before even knowing them and what we think about them. Scents can also hold different memories to us and remind us of different people who might not be around anymore. I remember when I was younger and my mum used to work a lot and I would rarely get to see her which made me miss her a lot. But she gave me a toy which had her scent on it and that seemed to comfort me a great deal. Some people claim that someone is more likely to date a person based on their smell but this is usually based on pheromones which I don't know if perfume companies focus on when creating a scent. I am sure there would be some places that claim this but it's not a big factor in my decision making process.

 As weird as this sounds I have been making an effort to use more body spray's, normally I would just spray whatever I could find. I love the body shop and walking past the place the first thing I notice is the gorgeous smell which I think attracts most people to enter the store. They have a limited edition scent called clamentine, it's basically an orange scent which they realised last year and have at the moment. I am pretty much in love with all things orange, the scent is amazing and I adore jaffa cakes! I had tried/loved this scent last year so I thought it was a must purchase. I got the little Eau De Toilette bottle however I would have preferred to get in the large body spray they have available in other fragrances.

The smell is beautiful and the bottle is easy to fit in my hand bag, my only criticism would be that however lovely the scent it doesn't seem to linger for very long, usally about 5-10 minutes from my experience. This means you need to spray more often and with such a small bottle it doesn't last very long.
That being said I do love this smell and would definetly be getting it next year when it comes out again, I would love to know your thoughts on this body shop scent or which one's you prefer.
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  1. I saw this recently and loved it, its a shame that its permanent collection in the US and pretty regular in the UK!